Azure AD Connect: Health service data is not up to date

Noticed this error earlier today in the Azure Portal. This happened after renaming the server over the weekend. It looks like the Agent on the server uses a certificate to authenticate with Azure. Since the server name changed, the certificate is no longer valid.

I ran the "test-azureAdConnectHealthConnectivity" cmdlet as suggested, and got these results:

It was pretty obvious what the problem/solution was after seeing the "Invalid Credentials" response from the server. I wasn't sure how to update the certificates without completely re-installing Azure AD Connect, and couldn't find anything on Google that would help. But after poking through the Azure AD Connect Powershell module, I found this cmdlet: Register-AzureAdConnectHealthSyncAgent.

After running this cmdlet, and restarting the Azure AD Connect services, the error message was resolved in the Portal. Hope this helps anyone experiencing this issue.

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